London Academy of
aesthetic medicine

Here at the London Academy of Aesthetics Medicine, we help registered Nurses and Midwives transfer years of medical training into an industry that is in high demand and allows you to 2 or 3x your current income. 

Our highly experienced trainers, similar to you, come from a background where you work hard, long and often unsociable hours, but want a higher level of job security and pay. If this sounds like you, the LAAM can help. 

We work with you and fully support your journey from being a registered Nurse or Midwife into the Aesthetics industry giving you the skills and advice needed in order to deliver safe and high quality Toxin and and dermal filler treatments to real life patients. 

Start a new career in cosmetic medicine where you are properly rewarded, have flexibility, and can earn more money. 

Why should Nurses and Midwives train in Aesthetics medicine?

There are many reasons why Nurses should train to prescribe in aesthetic medicine. Here a few reasons why our students decide to work within this industry: 


The income of an aesthetic nurse significantly exceeds the income of an NHS nurse, with far less time needing to be invested. Those working as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner can expect to earn far more than you would as a Bank Nurse or Midwife by administering Toxin and other fillers, self employed or working for a clinic. 

Training in aesthetic medicine provides you a highly profitable return, with very minimal upfront investment. Our courses have allowed many Nurses and Midwives to increase their income, reduce their working hours and gain back their freedom. 


Many of the nurses and midwives we have trained have reported a much higher quality of life. A career in aesthetic medicine gives you the opportunity to be flexible and independent by choosing your own working hours that fit into your schedule, compared to NHS jobs. 


Nurses and midwives transition easily into the aesthetics field because of their existing education and training, providing transferable skills. They already have trained within minor procedures, along with drawing up and administering injections. Training in cosmetic medicine will further expand your clinical skills, and with non-invasive cosmetic procedures on the rise, now is a great time to invest in these skills. 


With the current state of the NHS, many nurses and midwives are frustrated with the high demand of service, excessive targets, tight deadlines and lack of time dedicated towards patient care.

A career in cosmetic medicine gives you that personal 1-2-1 experience back with your patients. You have the time to better understand your patients and as a result, you can deliver high quality care, and see an increase in happy, satisfied patients who will return every 3-6 months. 

Why choose the LAAM?

  • High quality Aesthetics training from qualified, highly experienced, doctors and dentists

  • Practical hands-on injecting experience  

  • Support and advice post training

  • Meets government standards 

How to train in Aesthetics with Toxin and Fillers?

Here at the LAAM we have trained hundreds of Nurses and Midwives as the demand for high quality aesthetic treatments delivered by highly skilled nurses and midwives is ever growing and essential. 

We are here to ensure the highest standards in medical aesthetics are met by supporting you even after your training is complete. 

If you would like more information how investing in training from The LAAM could transform your career opportunities, we would like to show you. Contact us now at and expand your business!