London Academy of
aesthetic medicine

Do you want to be able to treat your patient’s’ fine lines and wrinkles with Toxin or Dermal Fillers? Here at the London Academy of Aesthetics Medicine (LAAM), we help Doctors transfer years of medical training into an industry that is in high demand and allows you to double your current income. 

Aesthetic medicine is the fastest growing area of medicine in the UK. Doctors are realising that there is a huge opportunity within aesthetic medicine. So much so that many doctors are now training to become Aesthetic Doctors themselves through our dermal filler and Toxin courses!

This article will help you understand why The LAAMs Toxin courses for Doctors give you the skills needed to treat wrinkles with Toxin or dermal fillers.

What will I learn?

Training with LAAM is based around real live patient cases so that doctors typically see numerous real life cases on our courses rather than spending hours watching videos of other people performing procedures. This means that doctors quickly build up their practical and clinical skills in Botulinum Toxin and dermal filler treatments. Doctors learn to diagnose the facial aesthetic problem, then develop a treatment plan that is suitable for that patient.

Doctors will also gain an understanding of the different types of approaches used for aesthetic treatments such as Upper Face Toxin, Nasal Tip Lift, and Lower Face Toxin so you can decide which is right for your patient. LAAM’s aesthetics courses for doctors provide training for all levels from beginner to advanced so doctors can progress at their own pace. You don’t need any previous experience because LAAM starts with a medical consultation to ensure that you are aware of the risks involved in cosmetic procedures before deciding whether to take an injectables course.

How much can Doctors earn within Aesthetic Medicine?

Doctors who join LAAM courses already work within a clinic or doctor’s surgery but often choose to add aesthetic medicine into their practice as a sideline. The Aesthetic medicine industry is booming with an estimated 56% rise this year alone in procedures across the UK so there has never been a better time to add aesthetic treatments into your clinic.

LAAM offers a dedicated support service for doctors who have completed our courses and trained with LAAM, helping them to build their own business once they are ready to start offering treatments. Doctors also get access to their own back office area where they can order Botulinum Toxin from LAAM’s trusted distributors in private at wholesale prices, along with other products that will help run their new aesthetic treatment room.

Why choose the LAAM?

  • High quality Aesthetics training from qualified and highly experienced doctors and dentists

  • Practical hands on injecting experience  

  • Support and advice post training

  • CPD Accredited 

What do you need to join?

Doctors must be medically qualified and registered before attending a course or joining the medical training program. No previous experience is required so doctors typically work alongside another doctor during training to hands on guidance throughout each course before going confidently solo in their own clinic.

The LAAM also offers a wide range of courses for Doctors looking to make more money or gain a new skill set.  

The choice is yours, you can either continue in your current job working long hours seeing fewer patients which may not be financially rewarding or you could add aesthetic medicine into your existing practice or start a new business from scratch with support from LAAM. 

It’s up to you but why would you choose anything else when The LAAM offers the highest standard of medical aesthetic education? Contact us now at and expand your business!