London Academy of
aesthetic medicine

Here at the London Academy of Aesthetics Medicine, we work with qualified Dentists to help transfer their years of training into developing the high standards of aesthetics training required to double your current income. 

There are a range of dermal filler and Toxin courses available to coach you through from beginners, through to being the treatment of real aesthetic issues. Our highly experienced trainers come from a similar background of dentistry but decided to choose a career with increased levels of pay and far more flexibility. 

The LAAM are here to fully support your journey from Dental treatments into the Aesthetics industry, giving you the skills and support needed in order to deliver safe and high quality Toxin and other fillers to real life patients. 

Why should Dentists train in Aesthetics medicine?

The Aesthetics industry has never been so popular, and many dentists are looking for the benefits that a career within aesthetics delivers. 

Here a few reasons why our students decide to work within this industry: 


The average income of our qualified students far exceeds the income of a NHS dentist, with less of your working time needing to be invested. Training in cosmetic medicine provides a highly profitable return, with very minimal upfront investment. 


A career in aesthetic medicine will provide you the opportunity to be flexible and independent with your work, by choosing your own working hours that fit into your schedule, compared to NHS and private dental jobs. Each of the Dentists we have trained over the years have reported a much higher quality of life.


Many of the Dentists we have trained shared their frustration with the current high demand of service, tight deadlines and lack of time dedicated towards patient care.

A career in cosmetic medicine gives you that personal 1-2-1 experience back with your patients. You have the time to better understand your patients and as a result, you can deliver high quality care, and see an increase in happy, satisfied patients who will return every 3-6 months. 

How much can Dentists earn within Aesthetic Medicine?

With any of our courses, The LAAM’s courses can be taken in your own time at your own pace from beginner onward. Dentists who join LAAM courses already work within a clinic or dental surgery but often choose to add aesthetic medicine into their practice as a sideline. The Aesthetic medicine industry is booming with an estimated 56% rise this year alone in procedures across the UK so there has never been a better time to add aesthetic treatments into your clinic.

The LAAM offers a dedicated support service for doctors who have completed our courses and trained with The LAAM, helping them to build their own business once they are ready to start offering treatments. Dentists also get access to their own back office area where they can order Botulinum Toxin from LAAM’s trusted distributors in private at wholesale prices, along with other products that will help run their new aesthetic treatment room.

Dermal Filler Training for Dentists

The dermal filler courses for dentists are broken down into modules designed to increase your skills and knowledge on Toxin and dermal fillers, whether mastering injections or understanding product selection; these courses will leave you feeling confident to take treatment forward with you. The chances are if you’re like most health care professionals, once you’ve completed one course, there’s no doubt that you’ll want more. 

The LAAM’s dermal filler training course is delivered by cosmetic doctors and dentists allowing you to access the latest techniques and treatments in a clinical environment with your patients. The elite team of trainers will take time out of their busy days at the clinic to give up their skills so you can benefit from industry leading practice, expertise and knowledge.


Wouldn’t you like to be really confident in the aesthetic toxin procedures? This two day Foundation and Advanced Toxin Course will provide students with knowledge of techniques for delivering Toxin on live models. The course teaches everything from theory, hands-on practical teaching so that by the end each delegate leaves feeling confident about themselves and their practice.

If you’re a dentist looking for a career change, raise your income level whilst educating yourself on these treatments, then LAAM courses are calling your name. There has never been a better time than now to improve your skills and gain more confidence when treating patients with dermal fillers and Toxin injections; invest in your future and book one of the LAAM Toxin courses for dentists.

Ongoing post-training support

The LAAM’s Toxin and dermal filler courses for dentists offer you more than just training; they offer you support. If you have any questions at all about any aspect of the course, then they’re here to talk, email them so you can get unstuck. Even if you can’t do all days straight away, there is no reason why you can’t come back again at a later date to learn more advanced treatments.

What do you need to get started ?

All of the Dentists must be qualified and registered with the GDC before attending any of our Aesthetic training courses. However, you do not need previous aesthetics experience. All of our training courses provide you with all the essential skills to get started, and all of the ongoing support once you have qualified.  

If you want to train with the highest standard of medical aesthetic education? Contact us now at and expand your business!